Vortex Hydro is proud to provide its clients with the highest quality services meeting the strictest quality requirements.

Our experienced engineering staff can perform a wide range of on-site services like installations or testing. We also offer numerous specialized consultation services.

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Engineering Consultant

Working very closely with our customers, we analyze their specific needs and develop complete and well adapted technical solutions..

  • Feasibility and Preliminary Project Studies
  • Technical Evaluation Reports
  • Budgetary Evaluations
  • Specialized Consulting Services
  • Technical Documentation
  • Specialized Technical Training
Manufacturing and Shop Testing

  • Equipment Installation
  • Installation Supervision
  • Field Testing and Commissioning
  • Technical Training
  • Technical Documentation
On-Site Services
  • Equipment Installation – General contractor’s provincial license (Régie du Bâtiment du Québec)
  • Installation Supervision
  • Field Testing and Equipment Commissioning
  • On-Site Personnel Training
Quality Management System

  • Quality Assurance System, ISO 9001-2008 certification
  • Detailed Inspection and Test Plan supplied for each manufactured system
  • Detailed Quality Assurance file is provided upon equipment delivery
  • Welding processes and welders are qualified according to ASME section IX – Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel